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Work Permit

To become a full-fledged employee in Ukraine, a foreigner it is important to go through specific procedures established by the state bodies - to get a work permit.

The peculiarity of such a permit is that it is issued for a maximum of one year. It can also be extended exclusively for this period. An application must be submitted 30 days before the expiration of the previous permit. The order of its receipt and renewal are identical. If you get a job without a permit, then it entails penalties for the employer and the employee.

Employment of foreigners is carried out without a work permit for persons:

  • With a permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • With official refugee status granted asylum (temporary protection);
  • Employees of the foreign fleet (including air), the media;
  • Employees of representative offices of foreign companies are employed on the basis of a service card;
  • Professional athletes, artists, artists;
  • Emergency workers;
  • Clergy to work in religious organizations;
  • Employees involved in international technical assistance projects;

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