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Apostille & Legalization

Apostille - is a stamp affixed to documents or a separate document - certificate. With its help, recognized as valid (legal) documents in the countries parties to the Hague Convention.

Apostilization - is one of the legal recognition regimes of documents to be used abroad. The apostille emerged as an alternative to consular legalization and a universal procedure for confirming the strength of foreign documents. Unlike consular legalization, apostilization takes less time and documents with an apostille can be used not in one, but in different countries.

Which authorities in Ukraine are authorized to affix an Apostille?

  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine - authorized to put an apostille on official documents which relate to the field of education and science;
  • The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine - puts an apostille on the documents issued by the judicial authorities and courts, as well as on the documents that are issued by notaries of Ukraine;
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine - on all other documents.

  • What shows an Apostille?

    The apostille indicates the authenticity of the signature of the person who signed the document, as well as the authenticity of the seal or stamp with which it was sealed.
    Please note: documents must comply with the state model adopted on the territory of Ukraine at the time of issuance of the document.
    The apostille is affixed only on the originals of educational documents. Copies for the Apostille are not accepted.

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