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Temporary Residence

The Temporary Residence Permit - is a standard document certifying the right of a foreigner to legally reside in the territory of Ukraine.

How to get a Temporary Residence Permit?

The right to apply for a temporary residence permit is granted to foreign citizens or stateless persons who have arrived in the country in order to:

  • Employment;
  • Family reunification, when one of the spouses is a citizen of Ukraine;
  • Family reunification, when one of its members (spouse, children) has a permanent residence permit;
  • Realization of the project of international technical assistance;
  • TWorks in a religious organization;
  • Works in representative offices and branches of foreign organizations, companies or banks;
  • Cultural, educational, scientific and voluntary activities;
  • Works by a correspondent or a foreign media representative;
  • Studying in the Ukrainian educational institutions.

  • The term of the Temporary Residence Permit

    The duration of the temporary residence permit depends on the basis for which the permit was obtained.
    The term of a temporary residence permit is one year, however there are exceptions.
    If the residence permit has expired, then if there is a basis, it can be extended an unlimited number of times within the validity period of the passport document.

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